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A ginger and white terrier dog holding a toy and looking at the camera/their dog sitter in Cheltenham

Services & Prices

Introductory Meet & Greet

Before looking after your dog or cat, I always do an introductory meet and greet first. This gives me the chance to say hello to your pet (and you!), get them a little used to me, and to learn, in-person, anything specific I need to know about their needs or your home. It's also a great opportunity for you to ask me any questions and get to know me a little. And the best bit? It's free! 

Home Visits

I like to think of home visits as little care packages for your pets. They are designed for those times when you're out or away and need someone to come in and give your fur babies some company, food, a toilet break or a run around in the garden. They are especially good for the following:


Puppies need more frequent toilet breaks and feeding than adult dogs. They also need to learn to be left alone gradually, rather than all at once, and their walk times may be limited depending on their age, or they may still be waiting on vaccinations and unable to go out at all. This means home visits are the perfect choice for the new puppy in your life. 

A cockapoo puppy running towards their dog sitter on a home visit in Cheltenham

Home Visit Prices

15 Min Pop In - £10

30 Min Home Visit - £13

45 Min Home Visit - £16

1 Hr Home Visit - £19

+ £5 for Out of Hours Home Visits


(Mon - Fri before 8am and after 6pm, plus weekends & bank holidays)

Solo Walks

Having a dog who's extremely fussy about the dogs she likes to be friends with, I'm a big advocate for solo walking. Solo walks are one-to-one, just me and your dog(s), meaning they get my full attention at all times, don't have to travel crated in a van with lots of other dogs, and can make their own mind up who they'd like to say hello to and interact with on their walks. Solo walks are especially good for the following:


Following the 5 minute rule, puppies should only be walked 5 minutes for every month of age (up to twice daily) to protect their joints. They also need constant training and positive reinforcement, as they learn to navigate this big, new world they're now part of! So, solo walks are perfect for them, as they allow them to take things at their own pace in a safe, one-to-one environment.

Brown poodle cross in a black harness sat down looking at the camera with their tongue out

Solo Walk Prices

30 Min Solo Walk - £13

45 Min Solo Walk - £16

1 Hr Solo Walk - £19

+ £5 for Out of Hours Solo Walks


(Mon - Fri before 8am and after 6pm, plus weekends & bank holidays)

NB: Higher rates for all services will apply on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year's Eve and New Year's Day (if I am working these days)

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