French bulldog puppy sleeping in person's arms


Me (Natalie) stroking two labradors
Me (Natalie) with a black and white cat sat on my lap
Me (Natalie) cuddling a brown cockapoo

Hello and welcome to The Four--Legged Cuddle Club (or TFLCC for short)! My name is Natalie and I am the lucky owner of this pawsome club, getting to spend my days looking after your adorable fur babies. To find out a little bit more about me and TFLCC, have a read of the below...


My Experience

Prior to setting up TFLCC here in Gloucestershire, I used to run a successful dog walking and pet sitting business in London, working day in, day out with dogs and cats of all shapes, sizes and temperaments, and with varying needs. From dogs who are terrified of anyone other than family walking through their door, to cats who refuse to take their medication, I have seen it all (or almost all - with animals, there can always be something new!) and I love nothing more than building relationships with your pets, teaching them that they can trust me - and you can too. 


While working in London, looking after other people's fur babies, it felt like the right time to add one to our own family, so, in 2019, we brought home an 8-week old bundle of joy/crocodile called Maisie. I didn't know it then, but I was about to gain a whole lot of first-hand experience of a multitude of behavioural issues dogs can face. From day one, Maisie was a nervous but headstrong pup and, in her 3 years, has struggled with everything from separation and confinement anxiety to being reactive with other dogs. Getting her to where she is today - not resolved of all of her issues, but a happy, healthy dog - is one of my proudest achievements, and I have learnt so much from her that has helped me when working with other animals with their own issues. Here are a few pictures of the little madam so you can put a face to a name (as though butter wouldn't melt right?!)... 

Apricot cockapoo smiling in autumn leaves
Cockapoo puppy lying next to teddy bear on sofa
Cockapoo sat on pebbly beach with sea behind

Why Home Visits?


There are a couple of reasons why TFLCC is focused solely on home visits. The simple one is that it has always been my favourite service to carry out. I love getting that bonding time with your fur babies, being able to spend quality time playing with them, petting them and keeping them company, on their terms and in their own homes. So having a whole business dedicated to this service is a dream come true for me!


As well as this, though, I wanted to offer a service to other owners who are struggling to find the right fit for their pet while they're out or away. For example, you might have a cat that isn't suited to a cattery environment (or you don't like the idea of it either), a dog that is recovering from an operation and unable to go on their usual walks, or a puppy/kitten who is just settling in to their new home and needs some extra attention and love. Home visits cater to all of these different scenarios and so many more, making life a lot easier for you, as the owner, to go to work, out for the day/evening or on holiday, knowing they're being well cared for in the comfort of their own home. 

My Credentials 

Fully insured with

Pet Business Insurance

First aid trained by First Aid for Pets (2022) 

DBS checked

(Enhanced DBS certificate)

Previous training: First Aid for Dogs, Pet First Aid by ProTrainings


TFLCC is based in Bishops Cleeve and is open to fur babies across Cleeve, Cheltenham and the surrounding areas.